Current accounts in MRU and currency

Current accounts in MRU and currency

Your current account allows you to domicile your salaries and incomes, manage your daily transactions, receive your payments and your cash transfers, pay your bills and your various commitments by providing you with means of payment: check books and bank cards.


compte courant MRO


This current account is in accordance with the principles of Islamic Finance; a payment made to one of our accounts is available on the same day.

  • Documents to be provided and current account opening terms and conditions::

    • Account opening application indicating the type of the requested account and the persons authorized to enliven this account.
    • A copy of the customer's identity document
    • 2 recent photos
    • Proof of address (copy of a phone, water or electricity bill).
    • A specimen signature
    • A first payment of 5000 MRU


    • Domiciliation of your financial transactions
    • The choice of your means of payment: bank card and / or cheque book.
    • Availability and security of funds throughout the BPM network
    • Ongoing transactions Management (statements and bank statements, debit advice , advice, assistance, etc.) in close cooperation with a customer advisor; experienced and responsive to your feedback